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So Many Damn Books

Thanks for listening to SO MANY DAMN BOOKS! We hope your to-read stack hasn't gotten out of control too quickly - but if it has (or if you want it to), keep listening and check out our full website!

Sep 27, 2018

Christopher and Drew hang out with a whiskey+tea cocktail and just give themselves over to the book chat. First: BUY YOURSELF A TOTE! The "My Other Car is a Book" tote is now available for your purchase. Then they get into vacation reading, never reading the books you mean to read, Shakespeare novelizations,...

Sep 11, 2018

Christopher and Drew bring back the One Book, One New York episode for another go, this time reading the city's choice of Jennifer Egan's Manhattan Beach. They talk its pleasures, and diving costumes, and the possibilities of New York, as well as the genre of historical fiction, and their ideal choices for next year....